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Just Writing Things – 12

So many thoughts. Not sure if I should share them. I want to. Of course but it seems every time I give an update about what I'm doing or what my goals are, the next second they change and the update becomes obsolete. A question just sprung out of this... How do I marry being… Continue reading Just Writing Things – 12

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Writing: Monthly Update for January

I think I've accomplished a decent amount already this year. 2019 is shaping up to be a good one. Querying: Resubmitted to an editor at a press and to 3 other agents because why not? I needed this. And to give myself permission to move on from the "Dragon" book. Whatever happens at this point,… Continue reading Writing: Monthly Update for January

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Short Story: The Witches in the Wood

Shouting closed in behind them, pushing them deeper and deeper into the wood. Tihomir and Vuk dodged trees and bushes. Vaulted fallen logs and large rocks in their path. Running as fast and far away as they could from the villagers intent on killing them. They’d been run out of towns before. So many, they’d… Continue reading Short Story: The Witches in the Wood