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Just Writing Things – 12

So many thoughts. Not sure if I should share them. I want to. Of course but it seems every time I give an update about what I'm doing or what my goals are, the next second they change and the update becomes obsolete. A question just sprung out of this... How do I marry being… Continue reading Just Writing Things – 12


If I die, my book did it. Meet my murders.

I love writing but it might be the death of me. After finishing book 2 of my dragon series, I realized it was time to give book 1 a new name. That's where I'm going to start this post so I can easily reference it (SPOILER: I never reference it LOL) FROM STARS, COME DRAGONS… Continue reading If I die, my book did it. Meet my murders.

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Raising the Stakes has me like hmm…

Just had sort of an ah-ha moment listening to the the Writing Excuses podcast. For those of you not familiar with this cast, it's a group of published writer, from different genres, discussing different aspects of the writing process. The episode I was listening to, that made me go hmm... was 12.41: Raising the Stakes.… Continue reading Raising the Stakes has me like hmm…