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Writing: Monthly Update for March

Querying: Not Querying for the foreseeable future. Current Fantasy WIPs: All fantasy WIPs are on hold while I get my self-publishing feet underneath me.   Current Romance WIPs: FAKE TO FATE - Finished the first draft. Revised and sent to beta readers. I heard back from a few of my beta readers and will start… Continue reading Writing: Monthly Update for March

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Just Writing Things – 14 : Publishing under a pen name

It's about time I officially announce that next month I will publish my first book under my pen name, Anastasia Austin! (Did you notice the new menu link above?) I mentioned self publishing in my February writing update but didn't go into much detail. Now, it's time for more detail! Middle of February, I decided… Continue reading Just Writing Things – 14 : Publishing under a pen name

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Just Writing Things – 13

Embracing my love of romance. I mean... that pretty much says it all. All my favorite books center around romance. And after getting some awesome recommendations from my friend and writing cohort, Bree @ PerpetualFangirl, I've completely given into my love of the genre. I even started writing a new adult contemporary romance. No fantasy… Continue reading Just Writing Things – 13