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A return to my fantasy roots

This week, I joined a group of authors writing for an anthology of short stories. To catch you up, here are the updates I posted on my Facebook page! Update 1: So, I'm going to try something a little different. Writing a Vampire short story for this anthology. It is erotica, also not normally my… Continue reading A return to my fantasy roots

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Writing: Monthly Update for October

Whoops! I fell off the wagon again. Sorry it's so late but it's been a hectic month already. Halloween, our son turned 14 on the first, he had a sleepover on the second to the third, after which we did a crap ton of shopping, and spent yesterday with family! So, with all of that,… Continue reading Writing: Monthly Update for October

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Short Story: The Witches in the Wood

Shouting closed in behind them, pushing them deeper and deeper into the wood. Tihomir and Vuk dodged trees and bushes. Vaulted fallen logs and large rocks in their path. Running as fast and far away as they could from the villagers intent on killing them. They’d been run out of towns before. So many, they’d… Continue reading Short Story: The Witches in the Wood