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Only 2 more days until REUNITED! Download and read the first 2 chapters now!🔥🔥🔥😘😘🔥🔥🔥 Because you need a swoon-worthy book boyfriend who is protective and sweet, and a heroine who kicks her cheating ex to the curb with a biting tongue. Free preview -> Remember to pre-order before April 16th to get locked into… Continue reading 🍹REUNITED PREVIEW🍹

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Writing: Monthly update for March

My how things have changed since last we spoke... Hope you are all doing well in light of current events. How are you dealing with social distancing? We've gone out a couple of times in the last month because we had to get materials to fix a leaky pipe and get groceries. Other than that,… Continue reading Writing: Monthly update for March

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Join Anastasia Austin’s ARC Team!

I'm looking for ARC reviewers! What is an ARC reviewer, you ask? ARC stands for Advanced Reader Copy. An ARC reviewer is a reader who gets a free, advanced copy of an author's book in exchange for an HONEST review. If this sounds like something you would like to do for me, please fill out this form to… Continue reading Join Anastasia Austin’s ARC Team!

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Hit top 100 on Amazon! (Comedy)

AHHHHH!!!!! I reached top 100 in the comedy category!!! OMG!!!! Over Ellen! lol Don’t know how long it will last but I’ll enjoy every second of it! Just look at that little orange flag! Seriously, though. This is really encouraging. I needed this today. I've been feeling really crappy (probably the post-holiday blues is all)… Continue reading Hit top 100 on Amazon! (Comedy)