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Writing: Monthly Update for October

Whoops! I fell off the wagon again. Sorry it's so late but it's been a hectic month already. Halloween, our son turned 14 on the first, he had a sleepover on the second to the third, after which we did a crap ton of shopping, and spent yesterday with family! So, with all of that,… Continue reading Writing: Monthly Update for October

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Update 8: Guild of Tears |A long row to hoe

Well, I've pretty much failed at making this happen in anywhere near the timeframe I hoped I could. Life has not been kind to my ability to manage time. So, I'm going to stop pushing myself to stick to any kind of deadline. My life has been nothing but deadlines lately and it seems to… Continue reading Update 8: Guild of Tears |A long row to hoe

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Writing: Monthy update for July

Wow... Last month was late. This month is even later. Please, life. Stop it! Anywho, hereโ€™s whatโ€™s up! Querying: From Stars, Come Dragons: Still haven't found a new home for him yet but also only had one rejection since last month's update and submitted to two more publishers. The one press told me it would… Continue reading Writing: Monthy update for July