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Just Writing Things – 8

OMG! This outlining method changed my life! So, I've been watching Kat @Kat_tastic for several years. A couple months ago she started a weekly writing vlog series showing her process while she drafted a new manuscript. During this vlog she talked a lot, and I'd heard her mention it before but didn't take much notice… Continue reading Just Writing Things – 8


#WIPWednesday Writing update: Rough draft complete!

It took 3 fewer weeks than I planned and about 13K fewer words but it doesn't matter because I reached the end of my WIP! The rough draft, that is. 😉 Remember, this is really rough. There are so many placeholders. There's an entire sequence that will most likely consist of multiple scenes that is… Continue reading #WIPWednesday Writing update: Rough draft complete!

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Short Story: The Witches in the Wood

Shouting closed in behind them, pushing them deeper and deeper into the wood. Tihomir and Vuk dodged trees and bushes. Vaulted fallen logs and large rocks in their path. Running as fast and far away as they could from the villagers intent on killing them. They’d been run out of towns before. So many, they’d… Continue reading Short Story: The Witches in the Wood