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Released: April 16, 2020


Lia hopes spending a romantic week in Cancun for her friend’s wedding will result in her coming home with a wedding of her own on the horizon. But her matrimonial dream comes crashing down when she finds her boyfriend cheating on her with the next-door neighbor. Now, not only is Lia out the seven years she spent with this jerk, she’s without a date to fill the seat for which her friend’s fiancé footed the bill.

Or is she?

The last person Lia expects to see while waiting for her flight is her childhood best friend. Though she barely recognizes Avery, all grown up and hotter than hell, he’s here promising her the best time of her life, like no time at all has passed.

What could go wrong?

Tropes you can look forward to:
• Friends to Lovers,
• Slow release alpha,
• All grown up,
• Light fake engagement,
• Fling,
• Unrequited Love