Forcing Fate (Fate #4)


Released August 20, 2020


Cece wants control of her family’s business. Evan doesn’t want anything to do with it. They’re perfect for each other. Except she’s not sure she can trust him and he’s too scared to get close enough to prove she can.

Cece refused to learn how to run the family business when she was younger. Now, if she wants to keep the business in the family, she has to find another way. She has to find a business-savvy husband before her father retires. She doesn’t need to fall in love with him but she does need to trust him not to shove her aside the second he slips the ring on her finger.

Evan may not know what he wants, but he sure as hell knows he doesn’t want to be a soulless businessman like his father. His whole life, his dad has dangled money like a carrot on a stick to force him down the business path. Like a fool, he followed it. To the woman he wants to be with but refuses to pursue because that’s exactly what his dad wants.

Cece and Evan don’t want to be here, but when they start falling for each other, they can’t leave. The only way they can stay together is for Cece to trust Evan won’t steal her birthright and for Evan to follow the path he fought his whole life to avoid.

Will two months alone, by the lake, be enough for Cece and Evan to build the trust they need to enter into an arrangement from which they both can benefit?

Tropes you can look forward to:
*Marriage of convenience,
*Short tempered Alpha,
*Enemies to lovers,
*Virgin heroine

Forcing Fate is a steamy new adult romance with a happily ever after. 18+