Fake to Fate


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Stephanie expects a polite greeting when she calls for takeout. What she gets is an earful of obscene grunts and moans after dialing the wrong number. In no mood for pranks, she gives the guy an earful of her own. He apologizes. They exchange a pleasant farewell. The end, right?


Her ex-boyfriend, convinced Stephanie is lonely without him and should take him back, challenges her to prove she’s moved on. Since she has no one else, she calls the wrong number guy for help. He does. Her ex leaves. The end, right?

Wrong again.

After Stephanie’s ex tells her parents about her new boyfriend, they ask to meet him. Leaving Stephanie with a choice. Call Roland and drag him further into her lie. Or tell the truth, piss off her parents, and end up right back where she started fending off her ex at every turn.

Fun and fluffy standalone with a happily ever after.

Tropes you have to look forward to:
*Fake relationship
*Road trip
*Bored billionaire

This is a sweet and spicy novella intended for an adult audience.