Facing Fate


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Amber is looking forward to living on her own for the first time in her life. Then, on moving day, Jake, who dropped everything to help her move last minute, gets a life-changing call. Now homeless, after losing his internship, Amber offers him her couch.

Problem is, Jake already promised his frat brother, and Amber’s childhood friend, he would stay away from her.

Awkward, shy, and self-conscious due to an unfortunate allergy, Jake is reluctant to accept Amber’s offer. Not wanting to intrude on her newfound freedom. But Amber is hellbent on helping him any way she can. Even giving him some hands-on help building his confidence to use the moves he learns with her to land himself a real date.

Problem is, he doesn’t want to date anyone but Amber.

Fun and fluffy standalone with a happily ever after.

Tropes you can look forward to:
“Brother’s” best friend
Matchmaker gone wrong
Imaginary love triangle

*Steamy romance intended for adult readers.*