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Writing: Monthly Update for March

Querying: Not Querying for the foreseeable future. Current Fantasy WIPs: All fantasy WIPs are on hold while I get my self-publishing feet underneath me.   Current Romance WIPs: FAKE TO FATE - Finished the first draft. Revised and sent to beta readers. I heard back from a few of my beta readers and will start… Continue reading Writing: Monthly Update for March

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Fake to Fate Cover Reveal and Blurb!

HERE IT IS! Stephanie expects a polite greeting when she calls for takeout. What she gets is an earful of obscene grunts and moans after dialing the wrong number. In no mood for pranks, she gives the guy an earful of her own. He apologizes. They exchange a pleasant farewell. The end, right? Wrong. Her ex-boyfriend,… Continue reading Fake to Fate Cover Reveal and Blurb!

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Just Writing Things – 13

Embracing my love of romance. I mean... that pretty much says it all. All my favorite books center around romance. And after getting some awesome recommendations from my friend and writing cohort, Bree @ PerpetualFangirl, I've completely given into my love of the genre. I even started writing a new adult contemporary romance. No fantasy… Continue reading Just Writing Things – 13