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If you’ve been in my reading group, already sub to my newsletter, or follow my blog, you have already seen a couple of these in my Monthly Updates. As a refresher, a meet cute is a single scene showing the moment our couple meets for the first time. Usually, in an unusual or sudden way. For example, they both grab for the last box of their favorite cereal and instead of either of them having to give it up, they go to the park and share it. SUPER CUTE, RIGHT?!

The heat level for these scenes will vary. (See the end of this post for how I will label the heat levels if you choose to receive the exclusive content but still want the ability to decide if you want to read after you receive it.)

Going forward, the Meet Cute Monthly will be sent exclusively to my newsletter subscribers (who opt into it) on the third Monday of every month!



This is the BIG ONE!

Starting soon (I’m still revising the first story,) I will be sending, exclusively to my newsletter subscribers who opt in to receiving them, a chapter a week of a brand new story! These stories will contain steamy scenes, just like my published books. Each week, I will include a heat level rating to let you know what to expect. Keep in mind, if you opt not to read the higher heat level chapters, you may miss out on plot and character development. Though the sex scenes I write are open door, they are not without substance.

If you choose to receive the exclusive content, you’ll receive the Saturday Morning Serial every Saturday morning, 8:00am (Chicago time.) I hope to start sending these some time in October!

Note: These stories will eventually be published to Amazon but you can get them first and completely free by signing up!



If you’ve been with me a while, you might remember me talking about an age gap romance called Running Into Trouble. This will be the first Saturday Morning Serial!

Here’s a little blurb: I’m trying so hard not to get involved with a woman half my age but when all she wants to do is help make my father-daughter dinner the best it can be, how can I say no?!



Look for the flaming hearts! I’ll be using them to indicate the heat level of each chapter of the Saturday Morning Serial and the Meet Cute Monthly.

I think the easiest way to explain them is to use the baseball analogy. The bases do not directly relate to the number of flames but hopefully, it still makes sense. lol

1 flame = Up to bat. No physical contact beyond holding hands or face touching. Maybe a dirty thought or comment on physical appearance.

2 flames = First base. They’ve started kissing and are hinting at stealing second.

3 flames = Second base. Touching has progressed to above the waist, maybe under the shirt but they still have their clothes on.

4 flames = Third base. They’ve moved below the waist. Probably in their underwear by now or are partially nude.

5 flames = Home run. Full nudity and/or intercourse/penetration.



Sign up for my newsletter and click the button “Give it to me, baby!” When you click that button and hit submit, you are confirming you are 18 years of age or older and consent to receiving fictional scenes of a sexual nature to the email address you use to receive my newsletter.



Click the “Just the facts, ma’am.” button and you’ll receive my monthly updates, the first Monday of the month, that include a monthly giveaway. a little life update, up to date info about when and what you can expect me to publish next. You’ll also get cover reveals, excerpts (first and second heat levels only) from my works in progress, and publishing updates!

SIGN UP NOW -> https://theanastasiaaustin.com/newsletter

Thanks everyone! Hope to hear from you soon!


This is the last post I will be making on this site. Please visit www.theanastasiaaustin.com to keep up with me! OR SIGN UP NOW -> https://theanastasiaaustin.com/newsletter

About the artwork: All photos and the flaming heart icon were licensed from depositphotos.com

All cover designs were created by me, with the help of my husband (thanks, Tebs!)

The scenes were sourced from bookbrush.com

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