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Writing: Monthly update for February


It’s really hard to be productive in a release month.

I fell down on so many things in February. But I had a birthday, so that was fun! lol But I was also sick for several days… UGH. It was just a lot of ups and downs.

Current Romance WIPs:

Running into Trouble.png

RUNNING INTO TROUBLE (an age gap romance) – For as much as I love this story and these characters, I’m really struggling to finish drafting this book.

On the upside, I passed the halfway point. Hopefully, it’s a downhill race from here and I can finish the draft in the next week or two.





REUNITED – After I finish drafting Running Into Trouble, I’ll be revising and editing this beauty. Seriously! This cover though! I’m so proud of it. I’m not expert but I really do think my design skills are improving.

Expected release is April 2020!

Add him to your Goodreads list today! Seriously, if you’re looking for a new book boyfriend, Avery is your guy. You won’t want to miss this one!



FORCING FATE (Fate #4) – I wrote a really detailed outline or really stripped down draft, depending on how you look at it. lol Will start the actual first draft of Evan’s story after the Running Into Trouble draft is finished and Reunited is ready to publish.


Word Counts:

Remember those ups and downs I mentioned. My word counts are a decent visual representation of that.

March will be better!

Everyone say it with me!





Publishing News:

1577720693.pngFACING FATE IS LIVE!

Buy on Amazon or read for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription!




Read in February:

Book Boyfriend was really cute. If you want something light and steamy, I recommend it. The Boyfriend Blog is turning out to be similar, haven’t finished it yet. These two are comparable to my own books. So, if you like these, you’ll like mine and vice versa.

Credence, on the other hand, is nothing like what I write but I loved it. Just be careful, if you don’t like taboo age gaps and possessive men, you should probably stay away from it.



Sharing is Caring:

If you’re looking for a new romance read, check out the books on the list below!

Click here –> The Romance Author’s Take Over- All Sub- Genres & Heat Levels

Also check out –> The Double D Ranch by Rochelle Bradleybook cover

The End:

Thanks for reading. Keep moving forward!

Read the first three books in the Fate series today!


Thank you!


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