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Writing: Monthly update for January


WOW! Can you believe January is over already?

It’s been a hectic month. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get everything done I’d planned on doing, but I did! All that hard work and late nights and pulling out my hair means a new release is coming your way THIS MONTH!

A book birthday and my own birthday in the same month!!

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Current Romance WIPs:


FACING FATE – Coming to an eReader near you on February 18th, 2020!


Amber is looking forward to living on her own for the first time in her life. Then, on moving day, Jake, who dropped everything to help her move last minute, gets a life-changing call. Now homeless, after losing his internship, Amber offers him her couch.
Problem is, Jake already promised his frat brother, and Amber’s childhood friend, he would stay away from her.
Awkward, shy, and self-conscious due to an unfortunate allergy, Jake is reluctant to accept Amber’s offer. Not wanting to intrude on her newfound freedom. But Amber is hellbent on helping him any way she can. Even giving him some hands-on help building his confidence to use the moves he learns with her to land himself a real date.
Problem is, he doesn’t want to date anyone but Amber.

FORCING FATE (Fate #4) – Will start drafting Evan’s story after the Running Into Trouble draft is finished.

FREEING FATE (Fate #5) – There will be a fifth couple in the Fate series! Coming to you in a Christmas special! (Hopefully this year!)

Reunited.pngREUNITED (Formerly Infinitely Endless, Formerly Plus One) – This is the final title change! I PROMISE! I finished revising Avery and Lia’s story and sent it to a couple of beta readers. Got some great feedback and will only have to do a few minor revisions to get it ready to release! You should look for this one in April 2020!


Running into Trouble.png

RUNNING INTO TROUBLE (an age gap romance) – This is on the top of my to-do list. Plan on having a finished draft by the end of February. Hopefully sooner!






Word Counts:

Most of the month was dedicated to revisions. As a result, the word count is lacking. It’s sad that this chart doesn’t accurately represent the insane amount of work I put into writing this month. You’ll just have to take my word for it. 😛 LOL


Publishing News:

Facing Fate has a release date! February 18th, 2020!


Read in January:

I had so much revising to do, I only read one day in January and it was the book I started in December. And still haven’t finished…



If you’re looking for a new steamy read while you’re waiting for Facing Fate to drop, check out the books on the list below!

Click here –> New Year, New Sensations: A Steamy, Spicy, and Erotic Romance KU Book Fair

Thanks for reading. Keep moving forward!

Buy the first two books in the FATE series and preorder book 3 today!


Thank you!

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