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Fighting Fate Pre-order and Preview

1559593552OMG! I can’t believe it! My second book, Fighting Fate, will be coming out September 17, 2019!

There were times I wasn’t sure this book would ever be finished. Now, I’m so excited for you all to read Katie and Isaac’s story. It’s been a labor of love but so worth it! Though it took some time for Katie and Isaac to open up and show me their story, when they did… OH, WOW! They had quite the story to tell!

You can read the first four chapters of Fighting Fate and pre-order the ebook for $0.99 today!

If you bought the ebook of Fake to Fate from Amazon, you should be able to update the file on your e-reader now and see the preview and pre-order link for Fighting Fate at the end of the book!

If you have not yet purchased Fake to Fate, now is a good time. Though, these books can standalone or be read in any order, I believe it’s a more pleasurable experience to read them in publication order.

Buy Fake to Fate

Please visit mybookcave to claim the file type of your choice. (epub or mobi) Note: mybookcave will ask you to sign up for my newsletter before you download. Thank you in advance for jumping through the hoop to read ♥
If you’d like to jump straight to the pre-order click here!

The paperback copy of Fighting Fate will be available closer to the release date. I’ll send another email letting you all know!

A little writing update: I started drafting the next book in the Fate series. WOOT! And there will be at least one more book in this series after it. I’m absolutely loving all the characters in this world. The more time I spend with the them, the more I realize how hard it’s going to be to leave them behind for a new cast someday.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me!

Dear book bloggers/reviewers,

I have a limited number of ARC’s of Fighting Fate available now! If you would like to review a copy, please comment below or send a message via my contact page with the best way to send you the link. Reviews due by September 17, 2019. Thank you so very much!


Katie has everything planned out; school, career, social life. And she isn’t going to let anything get in her way. Until she repeatedly crosses paths with poster-child frat boy, Isaac Johnson.

She hesitates when all he wants is a hook up. She pushes him away when he shows signs of wanting more. Then she’s torn, when she finds him all alone and sick as a dog after his frat brothers abandon him for spring break.

Katie should leave. Stick to her plan. Finish the project that could make or break her college career. 

But she can’t leave him like this–to fend for himself when he can barely breathe–or ignore the connection building between them. The one she’s not sure she can fight anymore.

Fighting Fate is a super spicy new adult contemporary romance meant for an adult audience.


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