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Almost there! One week until release day!

One week from today my first book, Fake to Fate, will officially be released into the wild!

I thought I’d be a lot more anxious or nervous but honestly, I’m just ready to have it done! To be able to say, “I DID IT!” This has been a much better experience than I ever expected it would be. And I can’t wait to release another one.

And the next one is coming right along! I’m already about 1/3 through the first draft and loving it! It’s called PLUS ONE and it’s a friends to lovers about a woman who finds herself without a date to her best friend’s beach wedding. More to come on this soon! Probably when the website is finished.

Speaking of which, Anastasia Austin’s official website will be done soon! I’ve decided a dedicated space is necessary to keep things organized and clear for readers. The biggest change will be that I’ll no longer link to this site when using my pen name. If you already follow me here, don’t worry, I’ll still post updates here too! But if you’d rather follow my pen name exclusively, I will provide the link as soon as possible.

I’m so excited to be on this journey and can’t wait to hear what you all think of the book!


If you haven’t already, be sure to pre-order the ebook!

The paperback will be available to purchase before the release on April, 30th. I’ll make sure to post the link when it’s ready to go!

If you need a reminder to come back to me later, add Fake to Fate to your Goodreads list!

Not sure if you’ll like it? Sign up for my newsletter and get the first 2 chapters for free!

Thank so much for your support! You’re the best!


If you’re new, check out the posts HERE to read about my journey self publishing under my pen name, Anastasia Austin!

There’s still time and a few ARC’s left for the taking on Booksprout for review! (Please be cool and only claim a copy if you are able to review. Thank you!)

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