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Just Writing Things – 10


  1. I want to write every day. Or at least do something writing-related every day.
  2. Finish drafting the following WIPs (in no particular order)
    1. The Godwing Wager
    2. Under the Amethyst Sky
    3. Guild of Tears
    4. Legacy Book 1 (This is technically an old project. I’m using the series name because I don’t have a decent book title yet.)
  3. Revise, beta, Revise, etc… then query one of the above (Not Guild of Tears. It’s reserved for my blog) to agents
  4. Get an agent.
  5. Sell a book.
  6. Publish a book.
  7. Resubmit A Prelude of Dragons/From Stars, Come Dragons to the editor who requested it. YAY!


I fully understand my goals are lofty and maybe closer to dreams but if I don’t aim high, I will never hit my target. It may not all happen this year but I can get started. And the more goals I cross off this year, the more likely I’ll reach the rest of these goals next year or the year after.

I’m very excited for 2019! Already off to a great start!

What are your goals this year? Writing, reading, etc… Whatever your goals, good luck with them!!

Thank you for reading! Keep moving forward!

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