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Writing: Monthly Update for December

Did 2018 fly by for anyone else? All year it felt like it was moving way faster than it should have.


Still no change but I’m getting closer. On the first, I finished the last BIG revision of A PRELUDE OF DRAGONS. Next up, line edits. I’ll read through the whole manuscript and focus on each sentence. Not sure how long this will take. After I get a few pages done, I’ll gauge my time and set a goal accordingly.


Current Novel WIPs:

THE GODWING WAGER – No new work on this. It’s sad. I miss it.


Son of the Star Queen – Still no further development.


GuildofTearsTitlecenteredGUILD OF TEARS BLOG SERIES – I worked through some plot issues and world building but didn’t write any prose. I’m really hoping to start releasing this chapter by chapter this year. As always, I’ll keep you updated!

Skin and Scale (Sequel to A PRELUDE OF DRAGONS) – Still sitting on the shelf until I’m done with book 1.

A PRELUDE OF DRAGONS – Getting there! Diving into line edits tonight!

It was a good year of writing. I accomplished a lot but also got distracted a lot. I’m going to a 2019 goals post soon, so be looking for that to find out how I plan to keep myself on track this year. Hint: my bullet journal plays a big part lol

Short Stories:

This is something I wanted to do more of in 2018 and hope to do more of this year.



I’m so excited I beat my 2018 book challenge and my Goodreads challenge! I’m a little scared. My goal for 2019 is 35 books. I want to finish every series I’ve started. And there are a lot. Look forward to that post soon!

Montezuma’s Ferarri and Other Adventures by B.S. Levy


Goodreads ratings: 2 stars

I am not the audience for this book. If you’re really, and I mean REALLY, into vintage racing you’ll love it! All of the historical easter eggs were lost on me. The characters grew on me. Buddy is sweet. The author set the scene and tone of the time well. There were good things but it just wasn’t for me.



Well… I think that does it. Some ups and downs, but all in all a good month and end to 2018.


Thanks for reading. Keep moving forward!

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