Getting Organized in 2019 – Bullet Journal Plan With Me

My husband gave me a journal and some pens for Christmas because I decided to give bullet journaling a try this year.

Hopefully, I’ll keep up with it. I’ve tried many methods for keeping my life in order. I’ve failed at pretty much every one. The only one that has stuck is using a Google doc to track our finances.

But I need more.

I’m hoping, because I have to do everything with a bullet journal, not only will I feel like I wasted my time if I don’t use it, but I’ll be more likely to remember to use it. And want to because it’s pretty! lol

I’ve been watching a lot of Amanda Rach Lee on YouTube and used a lot of her methods to set this thing up. I recommend checking out her channel if you’re thinking about bullet journaling.

Now, here it is! Starting with the keys and yearly spreads!

My calligraphy is pretty bad to start. Obviously, I hadn’t watched enough how-to videos.

Next up! January!

I don’t really know why I chose a lightbulb theme. Pretty much, I saw it on Pinterest and thought it was cute. lol

Not sure I like what I did integrating the bulb into the text. Makes it hard to read.

I have an empty habit tracker. Any suggestions?

Love this mood tracker. Each day of January I’ll draw a line to indicate my mood that day. The longer it is, the better the mood I was in. At the end of the month, I hope my light is shining its brightest!

My calligraphy is getting better already! (Because I watched more videos lol)

On the “media we ate” spread, I’m going to write down everything our family watched or played and what I read. And what my husband and son read, if they do.

This spread is for book quotes. Not sure it will get used enough to justify. I hope so.

My monthly calendar. For a quick overview of what to expect for the month.

Don’t look too hard at the 31st… Oops.

Here’s my first weekly spread. For more specific tasks and events.

I accidentally started on Monday. Which wouldn’t be a problem but I had already committed to Sunday being the first day of my week with all my other calendars. I made a note to fix it on the next weekly spread.

That’s it for now! I had such a fun time setting this up and can’t wait to start using it!

What do you think? Is this something you’ve tried or might try in the future?


Thanks for reading! Keep moving forward! (OH! I should do a quote page with this!)

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