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Noly created this tag and was kind enough to make me one of the first to participate! Thank you so much Noly! I’ve been seriously struggling for content because I’ve been drowning myself in novel revisions. These tags are a lifesaver! Please go check out Noly’s OG tag!

The Rules:

  • List at least 5 points that make you like winter (you can do more if you like, but if you have problems coming up with the five, try thinking of the little things, as always 😉
  • Tag some other people (the number doesn’t matter)
  • ENJOY 🙂


  1. CHRISTMAS!!!! And anything related to it. Trees, lights, gifts, cookies, music…
  2. SWEATERS!!!! Specifically, oversized hoodies. So comfy.
  3. SCARVES!!!! Wearing them. Knitting them. Seeing everyone else wear them.
  4. BOOKS!!!! Snuggling up by the Christmas tree and reading a book is my favorite activity.
  5. FAMILY!!!! Mostly reminiscing with them. We get very nostalgic this time of year and I love a late night talking about all the things.


I tag, everyone! This one is short and sweet and I think everyone should do it.

Thanks for reading and keep moving forward!

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