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50 Things That Make Me Happy Tag

Thanks to Noly for tagging me! Make sure you check out the 50 things that make her happy!

  1. My family
  2. Friends
  3. Writing
  4. Reading
  5. Watching movies/TV shows
  6. Knitting/Crocheting
  7. Drawing
  8. Discussing deep subjects with my husband
  9. Friday nights with my friends and family
  10. Playing sim and puzzle type video games
  11. Playing cards
  12. Chatting with my fellow fangirls about books and such
  13. Watching BookTube
  14. Watching AuthorTube
  15. The accomplished feeling after organizing computer files and folders
  16. Organizing my writing projects
  17. Creating story bibles
  18. Brainstorming story ideas
  19. Long car rides
  20. Train rides
  21. Going anywhere without internet access so I have a good excuse to read
  22. Leisurely showers
  23. Freshly laundered bed sheets
  24. The weightlessness you feel after waking up without an alarm and your covers are in perfect balance with your body.
  25. A good cup of coffee (and I’m picky, so this is rare)
  26. Beta reading/ critiquing
  27. Discussing writing processes with other authors.
  28. Staying up late on Christmas Eve with my husband to wrap the last of the presents.
  29. Handing out candy on Halloween
  30. Disc golfing with my family
  31. Eating cookies straight out of the oven
  32. My mom’s pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
  33. Basil pesto
  34. Working from home
  35. Finally having a boss that respects me and appreciates the work I do
  36. Finally being able to take criticism
  37. Kitties!
  38. Honestly, any animal.
  39. Listening to music while I work
  40. Sitting on the couch reading or writing while my husband coin hunts.
  41. Making Pinterest boards
  42. I haven’t done it yet but I think I’m really going to enjoy bullet journaling.
  43. Watching bullet journaling videos
  44. Hooded sweatshirts
  45. Curry
  46. Sitting on the porch watching the rain come in.
  47. Petrichor
  48. Our betta fish
  49. Compliments on my writing






Thanks for reading and keep moving forward!

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