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YA Playlist Book Tag


Jess & Teagan over at Fiction No Chaser created this awesome YA Playlist tag! Make sure to check them out! You will not be sorry!

Also, check out Dev’s post. Thanks for the tag!! ♥

Tagging Bree @ Perpetual Fangirl and Rae @ Thrifty Bibliophile Have fun!

Spotify and YouTube playlist included!


  1. Pick your characters
  2. Choose their song
  3. Link to OG post at FictionNoChaser
  4. Tag some friends


Note that some of my picks are not from YA books. I’m not well read enough in the genre to limit myself. I made note of the books that aren’t.

YA Hero: Jase from Dance of Thieves

So, yeah. Jase is amazing, don’t @ me! lol But seriously, the relationship Mary built between Jase and Kazi is so incredible. I picked this song for him because he lived to please Kazi.

Song: Shut up and Dance – Walk the moon

YA Heroine: Kazi from Dance of Thieves

This girl!!! OMG if you haven’t read this book please make it a priority! Kazi is one tough cookie and I love her.

Song: Warrior – Aurora

Sidekick: Grim from Dreamer’s Pool (Not YA. Adult Fantasy)

Grim is the sweetest. He’s a big cuddly bear that will definitely rip your face off if you provoke him or hurt his friends. But he’s described a few times as having a face only a mother could love but these books prove that love can blossom regardless of looks.


The Chosen One: Lia from The Remnant Chronicles

Totally stealing Dev’s choice here. Lia runs away and finds her destiny and I cry everytime.

Song: Runaway – Aurora

Bad Boy: Kaz from Six of Crows

He’s broken but never beaten. I love swoonworthy bad boys.

Song: Carry On – FUN

Character You Love to Hate: Celaena from Throne of Glass

I haven’t finished the series yet but it’s mostly because I’ve found it hard to connect with Celaena. I’m still waiting for that moment when the table turns and I can fangirl over this series. Of course, I have to read it first…

Song: Say Something – Great Big World

Love Triangle: Paula, Stoyan, Duarte from Cybele’s Secret

Paula is soft but strong. And the song would really only make sense if you read the book. Because spoilers.

Song: Pretty Voice – Cloud Cult

Villain: The Defaiders from The Beast is an Animal

Holy shirtballs. This book smacked me the face! It is so dark. Fear and death are powerful motivators.

Song: Oh Death – Jen Titus

Terrible Parent: Kaden’s father from The Remnant Chronicles

What an asshole. He deserved worse than what he got.

Song: The Rakes Song – The Decemberists

Pet: Temeraire from His Majesty’s Dragon (Not YA. Historical Fantasy)

Yeah, I know. Dragon book, dragon movie. I don’t care, it fits! lol The relationship between human and dragon are pretty similar between this book and How to Train Your Dragon and that was what I loved most about the book.

Song: Sticks and Stones – Jonsi

Spotify Playlist! Not sure what’s up with Oh Death. Doesn’t look like it works. But I don’t use Spotify very often, so… *shrugs*


And for the old people, like me lol Here’s a YouTube playlist!


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