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Just Writing Things – 6

Let me know if I’m posting too many of these but since I’ve been writing every day my thoughts are full of writing-related things and this is where I go to vent them. LOL

I’m so incredibly pleased with my current trajectory in writing. I have goals that I believe are achievable. I’m so glad I chose to stop submitting and finish a series before I jumped back in the query trenches. The choices I’ve made that led me here, to be passionate about writing again, have been some of the best choices I’ve ever made. However…

There was still the issue with how my stories were structured. I’m a pantser: get an idea, start writing. No outline. Very little, if any, world building. I love it! It’s fun and it gets the book drafted faster because I don’t spend days or weeks preparing to write it but it’s messy. By the end of the draft, the characters are pretty awesome but there’s no structure. Things are happening in the wrong order, there are amazing fun scenes that in no way further the plot or lack of plot. The draft is pretty much just a jumble of all the cool things I saw in my head with a thin thread getting them from one place to another.

Notice I didn’t say from “point A to point B.” That’s because I suck at structuring. The idea I have that my novel grows out of is usually a scene somewhere in the middle of the story and there’s no way for me to know how much of the story comes before or after that scene. So, I end up guessing and am usually wrong. The question, “Where do I start and end my story?” plagued me!

Well, I hope no longer because I think this article from Writer’s Digest saved my life! Or at least the lives of my stories.

I’ve been aware of the 4 story structures listed in the article but never have they been so clearly explained!

I wish I could show exactly what it looked like when I applied this to FROM STARS, COME DRAGONS but it would reveal too much. I’ll share after the book is published. Promise!

Basically, though, I wrote down the name of each of my characters and went through each of the 4 structures to find which one fits them best. Turns out, most of my story is character driven. A couple of the characters also experience the milieu structure and one of them conforms to the idea structure.

I thought this would make things more complicated but it actually helped me see how my story should unfold and the best places to start and end each part of the story.


It sucks I can’t be more specific with examples but until the stories are finished and preferably published, I can’t share without ruining my process or spoiling the story.

Someday I’ll share it all. And what a good day that will be ♥

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