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#KissOfSeptember – Day 25 – Mission accomplished… Kind of

This has been one of the greatest experiences. I feel like I made some really good memories with my reading buddies and all of you. Which is why I’m sad to have to abandon the buddy read a few days early. If you didn’t see my last monthly update, I read Dance of Thieves last month. Finished it just a few days before starting this buddy read. Over the course of September, I’ve fallen behind on a lot of things while trying to keep up with the schedule. Now that I’m done with The Beauty of Darkness and because I JUST finished Dance of Thieves less than a month ago, I’m giving myself permission to say mission accomplished.

Thank you all for following our journey through #KissOfSeptember here on my blog and make sure to continue following the list of buddies below still in the process of getting their hearts ripped out by this amazing series! 😀

And, by all means, if you’re still reading and need a place to vent your emotions about it, I’m always here!


If you want to see what everyone else is up to with the buddy read you can follow along on Twitter using the #KissOfSeptember tag. And make sure you follow fellow readers…

ReadbyDev and Instagram

LaughnListener and Blog

FictionNoChaser and Blog

bookstormgirl and Blog

And here’s the schedule:

Thanks for stopping by! You’re all lovely!

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