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Just Writing Things – 4

I’m so bad at sharing. I constantly think about wanting to share my thoughts or quotes from my WIPs or collages I’ve made from the pictures I’ve collected on Pinterest or any number of other things. But as soon as it comes time to actually make the decision to share it, 99% of the time, I don’t.

I wish I would. Or could? I see so many other authors sharing these kinds of things and it really seems to help people connect with them and what they’re working on. I want to make those kinds of connections with people too, but I’m scared. Because I’m finally finishing things I start and I don’t want to kill my progress by oversharing.

It was a revelation when I discovered that sharing my ideas killed them and that all I had to do to finish what I started was to keep my mouth shut. I’m still writing today, almost 3 years since that discovery because I’ve kept my mouth shut about the details of my WIPs. It only makes sense I should continue to do this. Then I think… But it’s been 3 years! I’ve come so far. Maybe my process has evolved. Maybe sharing a little more, won’t hurt.

I’ve tried it. I shared a couple of quotes in my monthly updates. Thankfully, I can’t remember which ones or from which WIPs. My terrible memory comes in handy sometimes. I’ve also allowed a mood/aesthetic board on Pinterest for one of my WIPs to remain public even though it makes me anxious when I think about it. And even though I haven’t worked on that WIP in awhile, I’ve not abandoned it. I love that world and those characters and am excited to see the story develop. It’s just, I only have so much time and I need to finish one thing before I can move to another. (Another problem I’ve been having lately. The struggle never ceases. lol)

On top of these few things, I successfully collaborated with my husband on a film script last week. I have a good idea where it’s going and am going to set aside NaNoWriMo to finish the draft. I NEVER could have done this before.

Then again, I shared quite a bit about Guild of Tears, what is going to be my blog series and I’ve barely thought about it in over a month. But is that because I overshared or because I made promises and am mad at myself for breaking them?

So… Am I over this psychological block? Can I share more? Should I risk it?

I would love to know if any of you have experienced this. How do you deal with it?

And if I were to share more about my WIPs, what would you want to see?

Thanks for reading! You’re awesome!

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