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#KissOfSeptember – Day 5

One thing I’ve learned from this experience is that I’m a much faster reader than I used to be. I never would have been able to read this much everyday three years ago. Which proves that if I make the time for it, I could read a lot more! The only problem is, I didn’t get any writing done last night because I read instead.

I got a few chapters ahead again. I think I’m 44? So, tonight, I plan on at least reading to chapter 50 to meet today’s goal, then write for as long as I can. Until I start to fall asleep. After we watch a couple episodes of Norsemen. Holy cow! Have any of you seen that show? We’ve only seen 2 episodes but it was NOT what we were expecting.


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3 thoughts on “#KissOfSeptember – Day 5

  1. Yay!! This has been so fun! I LOVED THIS BOOKS SO MUCH. And it sounds like you’re a lot more consistent than I am at reading and I’m jealous! I tend to just binge read all at one time and then go days without. I need to get better at reading everyday!

    Also, I haven’t seen Norsemen but I’ve been curious about it. Is it good? Now I need to watch it and check it out!!

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    1. If by consistent, you mean: only reading what I have to because I don’t have time for more. Then, yeah! Totally consistent! lol 😛

      We’ve only seen the first two episodes but I love it so far. I don’t want to say too much because you really need to watch it to get the full experience. Because it is an experience! The episodes are short and there are only like 10? I think? Let me know if you watch. Love to hear what you think. 😀


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