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Update 8: Guild of Tears |A long row to hoe

Well, I’ve pretty much failed at making this happen in anywhere near the timeframe I hoped I could. Life has not been kind to my ability to manage time. So, I’m going to stop pushing myself to stick to any kind of deadline.

My life has been nothing but deadlines lately and it seems to have stunted my creativity. I’ve tried all my usual methods for kickstarting my desire and ability to power through the block. I took tons of time off, tried picking up an old WIP, tried starting a new one, listened to my writing playlist while in my writing space, brainstorming during my hour commute to and from work, forcing myself to write even when there’s no picture or conversation in my head. All of this and I think I’ve only written about 1000 words in the last 4 months.

Usually, when I can’t force myself out of a funk it’s because I’ve lost control of too many things and can’t focus. And it’s funny because the cure is most likely not taking control but actually, letting go.

I can’t let go of work because I like food and a roof over my head too much. I can’t let go of my query submissions because that’s on their schedule. I can’t let go of writing because it’s all I want to do. It has me by the throat! But I can let go of the unneeded pressure I put on myself to get it done on a timeline.

Now, this doesn’t mean I’m not working on releasing this series on my blog. It’s the opposite, actually. It’s what I want to write right now. Only without the requirement to write it right now.

Of course, I’ll still keep you updated with my progress. Just, maybe not as often. And I think I’m going to finish the entire first season (story arch) before I release any of it. That way I can work through all the bugs to produce something far more polished. And this is really just me thinking out loud at this point because I really don’t know what I’m going to do or when I’m going to do it. And that’s the way it needs to be for now.

So the plan is… to not have a plan. Just a general idea.

I hope you don’t judge me too harshly and still want to come along for the ride. We’ll get there! Just, more slowly than anticipated.

Thanks for reading! You’re all amazing! o/

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