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Update 6: The Guild of Tears Series | So close

We’re getting closer to picking a date for posting the first episode and I can’t wait! My critique partner sent feedback yesterday. After I go through it and make any necessary edits it will be time to pick a date!

Here’s the thing… That date might be a little further out than it “needs” to be because I want to get a few episodes drafted first. I really don’t want to fall into the hole I was in with my short stories. I should have had a few written before I started posting and the second I didn’t, I froze and couldn’t force myself to write if my life depended on it. Not this time. I’m going to work smarter. I’m super excited about this project and want to make sure I can keep the momentum going after I post that first episode.

So, where am I in my drafting process?

Episode 2. I know, it’s not that far but I’ve actually gotten a LOT done. The drafting is slow-going while I fill out the world and backstories. I’ve been pantsing (writing by the seat of my pants. No outlining.) but instead of writing with blinders on to how the new text affects what I’ve already developed and established, I’m stopping every time I run into new information and weaving it into the world. And if it doesn’t fit, I fix it.

This is going to be an issue until I have enough of the world fleshed out. I’m still discovering main characters and their backstories and how they’re connected to the people around them. This is stuff that if I don’t get it right now, I can’t fix it after you read it.

The first three episodes introduce you to the three main characters. I’m hoping, and don’t hold me to it, that once these three episodes are drafted things will move faster. But of course, I’ll keep you updated!

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading! You’re the best!


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