The Guild of Tears Series

Update 5: Guild of Tears Series Title Art Revealed + Tutorial (sort of)


First, I want to credit the photographer, Michael Kelly. I found his image on

As much as I would have loved to have commissioned art for Guild of Tears, it’s just not in the budget right now. I’m extremely grateful to artists who provide their work to people like me. Unsplash doesn’t require you to credit the artist, but it feels wrong not to.

Thank you, Michael Kelly!

Now, if you look at the original image, there are actually two gems in frame. After I downloaded the image, I imported it into Sai (art studio application) and airbrushed out the second gem.

After that, I opened the altered image in Yep! That’s right! I’ve found is the best (free) program for adding text to an image. (If you know of a better one. Tell me! I’m always looking for ways to improve quality.)

It took me a while to get the text the right size because I wanted to find the right balance. I think I got it!

After I got the text size where I liked it, I wanted to put the text and image on the same plane. I did this by simply erasing part of the “o” in “of” with a large eraser with the hardness turned way down in order to feather the edge of the tool and create a shadow on the text.

That’s it! No real art, on my part, involved. Just a great photo from a generous photographer and a decent understanding of the tools I was using.

I hadn’t planned on making this a tutorial, but then I realized how much I would have liked to have known this ages ago. I’m sure there are better and more professional ways, but when you’re on a budget and art isn’t your forte, this will do just fine, IMO.

Let me know in the comments what you think or if you have a better way of doing this! I’d love to hear your input! And as always, thanks for reading! 😀

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