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Update 4: Series Title Change!

I know, I know. Me and my title changes. But I promise this is the one I’m sticking with!

The title “The Legendaries” was what I settled on when I needed a title and couldn’t think of anything else.

Today I wrote a legitimate origin story for my wizards which altered the world slightly and gave me (with a little help from the hubby) a great name!

The series will now be named after the guild the wizards form.

Guild of Tears

I don’t know about you, but I like it!

So glad I didn’t start artwork yet. LOL

I’ll also need to update the little blurb for the series. Like I said, a few details changed while world building, but for the better!

Because I’m here, I’ll let you know I still haven’t heard back from my critique partner. I’m holding off on further revisions of the first episode until I do.

Now that I have a solid, yet medium (it’s a mix of hard and soft magic per Brandon Sanderson’s definitions) magic system, I’m ready to move forward with writing.

You guys! This is so exciting! I love this world so much and I can’t wait to share it with you all. 😀

Until next time! Thanks for reading!



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