The Guild of Tears Series · writing

Update 2: The Legendaries Series

EDIT: Now called Guild of Tears.

It doesn’t seem like I’ve done a lot the last few days since I’ve only written notes, but I worked through a lot of plotting and world-building issues! The biggest one being, is this OUR world? Answer: it is not. Exactly.

I mean obviously, because, you know, magic. But for other reasons too. Reasons, I’m curious, if anyone will even notice. So I’m not going to reveal them. ๐Ÿ˜›

We’re getting close to having a release day for the first episode. I need to do one last read through before sending the first episode to critique partners. I thought, since it looks like we’re not going to make it by the 15th, I’d give you a little something in advance. Here’s a line from the first episode.


This thing needs a cover. I’ll be working on that while CPs are reading.

When the art is done, it will be time to write, write, write! I’d like to get several episodes ahead in the next month. I have plenty of ideas. Just need to write them!

I’m excited to share this world and these characters with you all! Thanks for being here! You’re all LEGENDARY!

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