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Announcement: The Legendaries series

EDIT: This is now called Guild of Tears.

As I mentioned in my monthly update, I’m going to go in a slightly different direction with my monthly short story post.

Here’s why…

Life hit hard in June, so the short story didn’t pan out this month. Yes, I should have had several shorts ready to go before I started this (Hubby was right again lol,) to give me time to come up with new ones while I posted those. And, I mean, I had two, but apparently, that wasn’t enough. Lack of planning was a problem, but the bigger problem? I don’t think I’m cut out for short story writing. Not on a regular basis anyway. Longer stories come so much more naturally to me.

I sat down to write three different ideas into short stories and they all exploded into something far too big for anything less than a novella. Love the ideas. Want to share the stories, but they’re going to take way too long to write and I can’t imagine posting 20K words in one blog post. Would anyone even read that? I’m sure there are plenty of people who could sit down and read it in a couple of hours, but because I’m a slow reader, I think like a slow reader. I would most likely skip reading something I couldn’t bookmark and easily return to later.

Thoughts like these churned through my head a lot the last few weeks. I got so frustrated. Giving up sounded really good. (I don’t know if you noticed, but I didn’t post much on my blog in June. Now you know why.) But I don’t want to give up. I love writing and sharing my stories too much.

So, here’s what I’m going to do instead.

I’m going to take my story posts beyond short stories.

For instance, some months I might post a short story, the next month, a poem (though, not likely. I’m not a poet. I think writing poetry might actually kill me lol) or maybe I’ll post smaller pieces of a larger story. The point is, I’m not going to limit myself to one style of writing because I don’t want to get stuck like I did this month.

This is what I’m working on for my next “short story” post.

Sometimes scenes (not ideas, but a single, entire scene,) for no particular reason, will pop into my head. This happened in April of 2017. A girl showed up on her high school friend’s doorstep needing a place to stay after another one of her relationships took a dangerous turn. I thought this was going to be some kind of dark contemporary romance, but then the friend’s girlfriend showed up and everything changed. An entire world exploded around them. Too much, I felt, for me to handle at the time.

That scene sat, untouched, for over a year until I opened it earlier this week, wondering if I could find a short story to set in that world. No short story came out of rereading that scene, but a new love for those characters and their world did. And, a new way for me to post stories on my blog!

It’s nothing new for people to post a chapter at a time of a novel as they write it. Authors have been writing fan fiction and original stories on Wattpad and sites like it, for years. I just never thought I’d want to write this way. And my intention is not to write a novel. I will be working toward an end, but not the way a novel does it. More like the way a TV show does.

Since Monday, or thereabouts, I’ve taken that old scene and turned it into a short story that will be the first episode of the first season of my series called The Legendaries.

The Legendaries is an urban fantasy about wizards, witches, and mythical creatures.

Here’s a quick blurb…

EDIT: This blurb will/has (depending on how far in the future you are reading this) changed. For current, correct information go here! Thanks!

Wizards kept order in the magical world until they lost their powers in a surge of magic twenty-three years ago. Now, the only magic in existence belongs to the creatures who spent their lives under the wizard’s thumb. The only hope for order to return lies in the hands of the wizards born during the magical surge. The problem is, they don’t know they’re wizards and their powers will remain dormant until the old order can find a way to activate them.

It’s a pretty classic set up, but I’m hoping to use old myths and legends and things to help create something new and fun.


I am shooting for the 15th still, but it’s likely this one is going to be late. If you’re interested in more regular updates, follow my Facebook page! I’m going to try to post more, quick updates over there since scheduling might be a little strange for a while.

Well, there you have it!


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