Just Writing Things – 1

I’ve written so much this week, on so many different WIPs, I’ve lost track of my word count and nearly lost my mind.

I followed my shiny new toy for a little while. Wrote almost 4K on that, plus a LOT of notes for world building, plot and character development.

I revised my short story and added a few hundred words to it after my husband gave me some helpful feedback.

In my last monthly update, I claimed I was setting one of my WIPs aside, but I picked it back up. I just love this story too much! It’s the one that was TDB and is now named Stormwing. I’ve added over 4K words to the actual draft this week and probably 10K or more words to notes for world building (specifically the magic system), plot and character development.

I was going to go into a lot more detail about why I had decided to set this aside and what got me moving again, but there’s too much. It needs to be it’s own post. So look forward to that! lol

Anyway, my next short story, The Witches in the Wood, to be posted on June 15th, is currently with my critique partner. I’ll be glad to have it done. It’s just under 3K words, but it’s been difficult. There was a time I hated it. I was going to trash it completely. Instead, I shelved it. When I read it a few weeks later, it was way better than I remembered. I can’t wait to see what you all think about it!

As you can see, writing has taken up a lot of my time this week. Which is great! But there are so many other things to do. I’m supposed to be reading up on Stars Without Number, a sci-fi Dungeons and Dragons style RPG, because I’m going to be GMing a campaign and I’ve never done this before! YIKES! I have library books I need to finish reading and return. There’s a mountain of crap in my house that needs sorted and sold/donated/trashed. And probably a dozen more things I’m forgetting. LOL

How’s your time management going? What’s been keeping you busy? Would love to hear about it!

In the meantime, take care!

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