Monday Motivation

My motivation today: when the work day ends, I’m on vacation until next Monday!

Not that I’m going to be relaxing much, but a lot of fun will be had when it’s over. And, hopefully, a lot of writing!

Tonight, we’re taking our son to his first 4-H meeting. Just a meet and greet, but he’s pumped!

Tuesday’s just going to be busy while I ride along with my husband on his regular Tuesday duties.

Wednesday is going to be the best day! We’re going to St. Paul, MN for the Fierce Reads event. Mary E. Pearson and a few other authors will be there for a panel and signing! I’m so excited to get my copies of The Remnant Chronicles and an insert for Dance of Thieves (August release) signed!

We’ll come home on Thursday. After that, I hope to spend a lot of time writing!

What this week promises, certainly has me motivated!

What about you? What’s your Monday Motivation?

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