Writing & Goals: Weekly Update

Last week wasn’t all that productive, but the weekend was.

I ended up taking a break from book 2 of The Seven Stars series. I was too blocked. I worked on another WIP for a few days and ended up tearing it apart and making it something different that I like a lot better. LOL It’s called The Leech Queen and went from being a portal fantasy to straight up high fantasy. I love it, but I’ll have to come back to it, because Saturday I had an idea for fixing TSS book 2.

Aaaaand I’m scrapping it and starting over… Again.

But here’s the difference, I can actually SEE the scenes. Before, I was trying to make the scenes happen without being able to see them. That just doesn’t work. How can you describe something you can’t see or write what the character’s thinking if they aren’t thinking it?

Saturday and Sunday night, I was up until 2 am plotting and outlining. I’ve never done this before. Not in this much detail. But I couldn’t let myself get 20K words into another draft of this book just to stall out and have to start over again.

I’m so excited though. My work over the weekend resulted in a 45 chapter outline. It’s so detailed! I can see the whole story! I’m still coming up with questions to handle possible plot holes, but they’re filling in nicely.

With this new direction, my goal this week is to write, write, write, write, write. No limits. Just get as much down as I can to make up for lost time.

And we’re off!


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