Writing & Goals: Weekly update

I’m in a funk.

Last Monday my supervisor retired leaving our IT department to fend for itself. Mind you, I can handle my job just fine, but there are things that come up now and then that I like getting his input on before acting. Last week was going fine, then one of those things came up on Friday.

I was 99% sure I knew how to handle the issue, but I needed that assurance, because the data I handle is critical in communicating with our business partners. So, I contacted one of my coworkers to discuss it and was on the phone with him for over two hours before coming to the same conclusion I’d already come to. Before last week, it would have been a couple sentences in an email, wait no more than an hour for a response, while, in the meantime, working on other things. I love productivity! But those two hours felt wasted and when it was over, I had no energy to do anything else. And I still don’t.

I wrote over the weekend, but not as much as I wanted and I’m not happy with what I wrote. This is not normal for me. Even when my writing is crap, I’m at least happy I wrote it.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do to get over this. Taking a break usually helps, but only when I don’t feel like writing. That’s not the case now. The desire and drive to write is there. So, not writing is only going to frustrate me more.

I think it’s time to write something else for awhile. Maybe a short. Maybe on one of my other WIPs. I don’t know yet.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever wanted to write, or do something else, but struggled to focus on it? What did you do get out of that funk?


2 thoughts on “Writing & Goals: Weekly update

  1. Hope you get out of your funk soon! Have you tried writing a little of another WIP, just to ease your brain away from that slightly stressful work situation? It sounds like it’s almost blocked your energy.

    As you know from my post, I struggled to get into my revisions for one WIP, and I still haven’t gone back to them. Part of it is a lack of confidence in the story – is it really any good?? Should I just leave it and move on?? part of it is that my heart isn’t in it right now. So a new WIP, which I’m excited about, it is!

    I hope you get your writing mojo back with your revisions and get them off to your editor!!

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    1. Thanks! Yes, I have moved to another WIP for now and it’s going well. I’m going to stick with it a little longer, probably until I get feedback from my editor on my debut. It’s in (hopefully) the last round of content editing and then it moves to line editing. This might be part of my problem, too. I’m just so excited to finished editing and get my release date, I can’t concentrate on anything else related to that world.


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