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Writing & Goals: Weekly Update

Last week is hardly worthy of an update. There was just so much life stress this week, writing took a back seat.

We had a scare with our car. The engine light came on and when we had it checked out, the shop claimed we needed a $2000 repair. After a night of WTF are we going to do, we called another garage for a second opinion and they told us it wasn’t a necessary repair. The car will run another 100K miles and at worst, lose a couple MPG along the way. Hopefully they’re right and that will give us time to save up for a new car.

If you’ve been following along, you know my father in law fell and broke his back, among other things, about a month ago. How that happened, he was messing with his security cameras in his storage unit facility after a break in. Well, we went down to visit him this weekend and while we were there, there was another break in. So, all day Sunday, my husband and mother in law spent the day boarding up windows and chaining doors and dealing with the police.

Before all of this happened, I wrote about 800 words on book 2 of The Seven Stars Series. Nothing since. I’m hoping this week will calm down and I can get more done. I’m so ready to be done with this first draft! It’s never taken me more than about 6-7 weeks to complete a first draft and I think I’m going on 9 weeks. I know. I know. It’s not that bad, but I have NO patience.tumblr_inline_n9s7jbmirh1rxc9kj.gif

Anyway, how was your week? Did you get accomplish your goals?


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